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      Recently, the blood thinner Xarelto (rivaroxaban) has come under increased scrutiny by medical professionals and the United States Food and Drug Administration due to its immense risk for internal bleeding.  Xarelto was released without a reversal agent, leaving users susceptible to uncontrollable bleeding that can result in serious injuries and even death. 

      Due to the inadequate warning labels on Xarelto, drug maker and marketer Bayer HealthCare and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, face a number of pending lawsuits.  If you or a loved one has been injured by this dangerous drug, consult with a licensed attorney as soon as possible to protect your legal rights. 

Xarelto Bleeding Risk

      Xarelto is the second most commonly prescribed blood thinner in the United States today behind Warfarin, which has been around since the 1950’s.  Over four million prescriptions of Xarelto are filled annually and this number is expected to rise. 

      In the hundreds of lawsuits now lodged against Xarelto, it is alleged that the drug makers downplayed the risk of internal bleeding associated with the drug. The Xarelto black box warnings led doctors and patients alike to believe that the drug was safer and more effective than Warfarin.  Now, studies have shown otherwise.  The drug is linked to over 2,100 adverse events and hundreds of deaths involving uncontrollable bleeding.

      The greatest danger of the drug Xarelto is its lack of a reversal agent.  In the event of surgery or an accident, the bleeding experienced by Xarelto users cannot be reversed through the administration of medication or vitamins, unlike Warfarin which can be reversed with Vitamin K.  This leads to hemorrhaging in some patients and can result in death. Other side effects include reduced platelet levels, brain hemorrhaging, abdominal liver function, abdominal bleeding, and more.  

Dangerous Marketing

      Xarelto is marketed as a drug that does not require regular blood tests, setting it apart from Warfarin.  Xarelto commercials commonly depict the user traveling or engaging in outdoor activities, unhindered by frequent doctor’s visits and blood work.  This marketing has proven dangerous.

      The drug Xarelto is metabolized at different rates by different users.  Some patients will metabolize the drug during the day, while others may take days to metabolize the same dose. 

      Accordingly, it is difficult to determine accurately the amount of Xarelto in a patient’s blood at a given moment.  It is critical to know how much of the drug is in the blood as Xarelto is only effective at a certain dose; too much concentration can lead to internal bleeding. 

      As such, the drug maker’s insistence that the drug does not require frequent monitoring is part of the root problem inherent in the drug, leading to bleeding events and death.

      If you or a loved one has been injured while taking Xarelto, it is critical to act quickly as your time to seek compensation is limited.  You may be entitled to recover for your damages associated with the injury if you act now. 

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