Phoenix Car Accident Lawyers

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona

At Zinda Law Group, our experienced Phoenix car accident lawyers are committed to providing you with peace of mind. We will explain how complete documentation of property damage, medical records, treatment bills, and current and future lost wages is important to your case, and we will guide you through the process of documenting your non-economic damages, such as ongoing pain and loss of ability to enjoy life as you had before the accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a auto wreck, the car accident attorneys at Zinda Law Group can help you seek the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (800) 863-5312 for a free consultation with one of our Phoenix car accident lawyers.

Phoenix Car Accidents and Serious Injuries

When you suffer serious injuries in a car accident in the Phoenix area, you will need to retain the services of an experienced Phoenix car accident lawyer who can explain your rights and options. Insurance companies will do what they can to entice you into a quick settlement or attempt to diminish the importance of your injuries so you don’t get the settlement you deserve.

When you file a car insurance claim, the insurance company will do several things immediately. If the insurance company is concerned that you will hire a lawyer, it will move very fast to present you with a low settlement offer. The company will downplay your injuries and perhaps indicate that the insurance will not cover certain things. You should be very wary of any immediate attempt to settle the claim. A quick settlement will rarely cover all the damages you have suffered, and certainly not unexpected or future damages.

When you settle a car accident claim, you only have one chance to make the best deal possible. You cannot later go back to get compensated for additional damages, injuries or medical bills–even if you didn’t know about them at the time of the settlement. A professional car accident lawyer knows what a settlement should cover. Insurance company negotiations take on a whole different tone when the insurance adjuster is dealing with an experienced attorney.

Car accident settlements should cover all of your bills. This includes hospital, rehabilitation, medication, reimbursement for caretakers, plastic surgery and future expected bills. The settlement should also reimburse you for non-medical expenses you incur, such as car damage, lost wages and future lost wages due to ongoing medical treatment. Insurance companies never offer compensation for the disruption of your life (called loss of enjoyment) in quick early settlements.

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Phoenix Bus Accident Lawyer

While buses are a necessity of the road in Arizona for their public and private transportation of large groups efficiently, they deserve respect from the other motorists and operators on the road. Over 1,000 motor vehicle crashes in Arizona last year involved buses, including transit buses, school buses, intercity and tour buses, private and charter buses, and passenger vans. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident due to the negligence of another in Phoenix or elsewhere in Arizona, speak with the bus accident lawyer at Zinda Law Group, because we know your rights. Zinda Law Group has the resources to conduct the appropriate investigation and recover from the at-fault parties, who owe you compensation by Arizona law.

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Types of Negligence in Traffic Accidents

Intoxicated drivers pose a threat to the safety of other drivers and pedestrians on the road. If another driver was intoxicated at the time of an accident, then he or she may be liable for all of the injuries and damages that you have suffered. It is important for you to speak with a Phoenix traffic accident lawyer about the damages that you may be entitled to receive.

For family members who have lost a loved one due to a traffic accident, it may be possible to file a wrongful death action against the intoxicated driver. Phoenix lawyers will be able to help you navigate the process of filing a wrongful death action to take the stress off of your shoulders in this difficult time. It is important that you do not allow your wrongful death claim to expire under the statute of limitations. Get in touch with a wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that the rights of your loved one are represented in court.

While many traffic accidents are the result of intoxication or the influence of drugs, there are traffic accidents that can be caused for other reasons. Traffic accidents may be created when a person ignores traffic signals or signs on the road. Traffic accidents may also be created when a person has been driving in a speed that exceeds the legal limit. A person may also be distracted while driving, and he or she may crash into a car for this reason. One may also engage in unlawful lane changes that ultimately cause a serious accident.

Skilled Phoenix Car Accident Lawyers

At Zinda Law Group, our Phoenix car accident attorneys have the knowledge and resources necessary to help you after your wreck. We will work tirelessly to help you seek compensation for your medical bills, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other injuries.

Call us today at (800) 863-5312 for a free consultation with one of our Phoenix car accident lawyers. Meetings with attorneys by appointment only.

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What to Do After a Phoenix Bus Accident

1.) Get Medical Attention: even if you don’t think you’re injured, make sure to go see a doctor

2.) Report the accident to law enforcement: make sure the authorities are alerted of the accident so it is documented and processed correctly

3.) Document Details from the scene including names, phone numbers, and addresses of people involved: if you are well enough, gather details from the scene. Your first priority should be seeking medical attention, especially if you have an immediate need.

4.) Don’t accept the first offer from the insurance company: the insurance company will try to rush to settlement which may not get you the coverage you deserve.

5.) Consult a Phoenix Bus Accident Lawyer: seeking the consul of a skilled attorney is surest way to get the settlement you deserve from a bus accident

6.) Take Care of yourself and Recover: once you have a seasoned bus accident lawyer on your case, they will handle the insurance companies and logistics from your accident and you can focus on healing.

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